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Taubman Techniques

About the Author


What is this?

Piano-hands provides a critical overview of resources concerning piano technique and piano related injuries. Types of resources range from books and articles to websites and videos. A number of indexes and many reviews are included. The main focus is the physical aspect of playing and related conceptual thought.

Why is this?

At the outset of 2002, there were nearly 5000 hits when searching for the phrase "piano technique" with Google's search engine. There are a number of sites with useful information but most of these sites are nothing more than commercial advertisements with no informational content. Also, there are sites with advice or products that are potentially harmful.

There are a number of books and many articles written on this subject. Many books have endorsements of educators, performers and even medical practitioners. Several of these books are so misguided that practicing in accord with them can lead to injury.

Hopefully the criticism and recommendations here will help you to find useful information, and to avoid wasting time and risking injury by following bad advice. Unfortunately, most available resources advocate ideas which are contrary to the conclusions of modern science regarding functional anatomy and biomechanics. However, there are some exceptions, and these are quite valuable.

How are the techniques analysed?

A good technique should contribute to ease of playing, security and control while reducing physical strain and risk for injury.

The first criteria for analysing technical advice is whether or not the advice makes sense, from the perspective of functional anatomy. Modern science has produced a clear picture of how the body works mechanically and there are a number of widely accepted physiological facts, many of which you can test for yourself. Most "how to" descriptions of piano technique sooner or later run afoul of these imperatives.

The second criteria is whether or not there exists a better solution for a particular pianistic problem with regard to reducing stress in the body and/or achieving the musical result. Here, the Taubman Techniques often providea sound basis for comparison.

What's new?

A number of web sites have been added as of January 2005.

Created 2002-01-14 Last updated 2005-01-02